Concrete pump and hydraulic system problems stop the phenomenon 1, shortening the commutation time, speed up the master cylinder piston speed in the change to the starting phase. 2, the use of electric proportional control high quality used concrete batch plants on sale constant power piston. Increasing the use of the main pump displacement rapid change to achieve a dispensing valve, reducing change back to the beginning of time to promote the concrete. 3, set in the tank cylinder and concrete cylinder between two proximity switches, set the start and end point for the location of the trust based on the main pump displacement and the master cylinder bore and stroke, the distance between the proximity switch is usually the total travel 5% to 10%, depending adjusted accordingly based on the actual situation of the concrete pump. Concrete pump is the use of an apparatus for delivering a concrete pipe, used to transport and supply structure of reinforced concrete construction concrete, widely used in high-rise or super high-rise housing construction, tunnel and bridge construction of the building. Adopt concrete transport mode, both to cut costs, but also saves construction time, regulate the construction site. Dawson mechanical delivery of concrete pump by variation of the state of technology in the course of the mechanical parts wear limit has not been reached before or failure, carry out the necessary maintenance and repair work, you can extend the life of concrete pumps, and eliminate hidden dangers, prevention accidents, ensure the smooth operation of the pumping.     Next, according to the Department of Jay technician work experience summary on the concrete pump in use need to focus on maintenance and overhaul of the site and content, in order to guide the broad masses ofhzs35 mobile protable mini concrete batch plant customer operation and use of the Department of Jie.   Dawson machinery production company HBT series of concrete pump for example, the hydraulic system includes a main pump hydraulic system, distribution valve manifold system, mixing oil system, and lubrication system four parts. Hydraulic system maintenance and overhaul is the focus of concrete pump maintenance, including the following:     1. Hydraulic oil is a power transmission medium, also softener and coolant, the choice, taking into account the hydraulic system of the working conditions, the surrounding environment and the role, there should be appropriate viscosity hydraulic oil, good lubrication, good oxidation resistance and good cleanliness.     Normal hydraulic oil temperature is 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, the highest temperature limit of 70 ℃.     Hydraulic systems put oil, the best time to take advantage of the hydraulic oil be warmed to make the hydraulic oil in the dirt with the oil discharge: put the oil should be drained to prevent mixing of old and new oil. After the release of oil, first with a low viscosity hydraulic oil flushing buildup within the system, and the hydraulic oil must contain a preservative to prevent the metal surface just after the release of hot oil rust.     Pump, motor oil after a failure Remove the access should replace the hydraulic oil.     Management and all aspects of hydraulic oil used must prevent oil pollution. Hydraulic oil drums should be placed separately, and covered with a tarpaulin to dust and water, and a barrel of oil should be filled to prevent the formation of condensation water.     The main system hydraulic system filter, cheap price of concrete batch plant model hzs75 return filter should be inspected regularly for clogging, clogging want to find all the oil filter for cleaning or replace the filter.     2. The hydraulic tank hydraulic tank pollution main reasons:     a. the construction site dust.     b. fuel tank is small, not fully precipitate hydraulic oil before re-entering the pump.     oil less c. hydraulic system, turnover frequency corresponding increase in the hydraulic system caused by pollutants and ground increases.     Hydraulic hose into the tank head mesh filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the pump can always draw enough hydraulic oil.